Staff Transport Management Software

Transport Software Solutions to scale with your Business

Our Existing Software solutions is designed to support our existing fleet & operation.


Get It Done With Us

The FairCape Go Software solution can be customized to suit you business transport needs.

Staff Dashboard

Staff can book pickups and drop-offs
Staff can view previous trips
Staff can cancel a requested trip
Staff can request ad-hoc trips

Company Dashboard

List all requested trips via staff
List all staff
Manage staff
Pull Trip Reports

Admin Dashboard

Easily assign staff to vehicles and zones
Fast Cancelation requests

Analyze Trip Data

Stakeholders and HR Managers will be able to track trips and manage transport expectations for staff.

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Staff

By offering a quick and easy process to book pick-ups and drop-offs your staff will thank you for the transportation options provided by your company.

Managing Your Staff Transport Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

fair cape reports

It has been 10 years that we have been serviced by FairCape TransportShuttle Services.Collinson has been nothing but only treated with one of the most trustworthyand reliable services yet to date. The relationship that has been build overthe years has not only made the company feel secured but most importantlysets the mindset of the staff at ease knowing that their safety is in thehands of a trustworthy driver.Fair Cape brought the online system to our attention recently, but in-facthas been rendering this service to other clients already, it is with nodoubt the best thing that has happened since slice bread.  When we embarked on the journey to design the online system, what was mostsatisfying and professional was the fact that it was custom designed to ourneeds as a company, and has eliminated a huge amount of manual work we wereused to in the PAST! Collinson travelers are so much happier that theprocess is much easier! There is much more to say, but bottom line is THANK YOU FAIRCAPE FOR MAKINGOUR LIVES    SO MUCH EASIER AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU FOR BEING TRUSTWORTHY! On a personal note, well done on such an awesome online transportation system and wish you all the best in the future as this is the way forward!

Jvan Bartlett

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