We’ve heard from many of our clients at Faircape Shuttles that our airport transfer service is the most comfortable way to get from the airport to a hotel, meeting or even home after a long trip. 

This goes especially for long-distance rides, like when for example you need to get to a town like Stellenbosch in the Winelands or somewhere in the Boland. You have to make sure that get you to get where you need to be in one piece, and comfortably so.

Carefully consider what service provider you choose:

Among the multiple companies operating airport transfer shuttles in Cape Town, most are reputable and reliable but how do you pick the one that’s right for you?

Comfort is important 

Arriving at a meeting crisp and raring to go, or getting home unfrazzled and ready to spend a relaxing time with your family and friends is difficult after you spend time in a loud and crowded bus. Just imagine having a car for yourself, waiting for you as soon as you set foot in the airport terminal. Plush upholstery, soothing music of your choice and the ability to do what you need to do to get you in the right frame of mind without being interrupted 

Your Time Matters

Simply put, our airport transfer service will save you tons of time. No waiting for a rideshare service that can be cancelled at any time. From meeting you at the terminal when you land to getting you to your destination as quickly as possible, it is a real time saver

Reasonable Rates

You may think that you save a lot of money by hailing a rideshare car or taking a shuttle bus, but you will be surprised how quickly connecting city shuttles and peak fare rideshare hikes can eat into your budget. Our airport transfer service may cost a little bit more than standard public transport options.  It offers real value for money when it comes to value for money and convenience.

For professional Airport Transfers from Cape Town International Airport to your final destination, book your transfer today.