Most people looking to join a lift club to work or take advantage of staff transport is not looking to make an emotional connection or romance. They just want to cut costs on sky-high petrol costs, avoid public transport frustrations and discomfort and take advantage of the faster commute that is made possible by bus lanes. 

But a lot of things can happen between people that spend up to two hours with each other every day. Countless conversations on the afternoon drive home are just bound to make people close buddies. We’ve seen friendships and romance bloom between our passengers who made connections that is impossible when you are sitting alone in your car or travelling in an overloaded taxi. 

However, a work shuttle is not guaranteed to lead to true love. Even so, it offers a win-win proposition for people, the planet and your wallet. Traffic congestion cost the City of Cape Town billions of rands as people, goods and services cannot be delivered timeously – leading to lower job growth and making the city less attractive for investments. 

At Faircape Shuttles, we want to make it easy for colleagues or people who travel in the same direction to adopt staff transport or start a lift club with our vans. We see every empty seat in thousands of cars on our congested roads as a missed opportunity to reduce traffic and pollution, build authentic human connections, save money and boost our economy. We are taking it one step further by making our cutting edge staff transport management software available to our clients. It provides convenient and simple ways to set up pickup and destination zones and allow staff and lift club riders to cancel and request rides with a click of a button

We look to a future where people travelling together is woven into everyday life. When people go to church and announce from the pulpit that they are starting a lift club for members. Then, at work, they talk to HR or arrange a commuting solution between themselves for staff transport. Parents arranging shared transport for their children. We have the vehicles and the technology to back all these initiatives