Daily office commute has become a major problem during these testing times. While technology has brought the world closer, people still find it a challenge to travel to and from work on an everyday basis.  This is one of the reasons why Fair Cape Shuttles has started adopting dedicated staff shuttle services.

Providing shuttle services have some very practical benefits. Typically, they start from easy to access landmarks where employees are likely to gather for pickup. Employees are picked up from the specified landmark and dropped back after work at the same place. This is a convenient option for the employees as it eases out the stress on them. Providing shuttle services is now a widely accepted phenomenon since both employees and employers alike see the benefits in this.

Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Fair Cape Shuttles arrange a door to door service to staff. Providing such a shuttle service reduces the employee’s travelling stress to a great extent. Shuttles also provide employees with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the day ahead at the office for them to use this travelling tome to relax and plan the day ahead.


Getting delayed in traffic and arriving late to office affects the work schedules and deadlines. Staff Shuttles spare the employees from driving in traffic and make productive use of their time. Needless to say, employees using shuttle service find it easier to reach their workplace in time.

Cost Savings

Providing shuttle services would reduce the cost and make the employee transportation management experience better. For the employer, it is less expensive than cab alternates and reimbursements. In addition, the parking space rent gets reduced. It is the employer who pays for the parking facility used by the employees at the office. Providing shuttles simply mean lesser employee vehicles and hence reduced parking rents.


Introducing a company shuttle is a major attraction for prospective candidates. If the company provides a shuttle service, then the prospective employee can be much more relaxed about daily commute. Chances of losing a very good, talented employee gets reduced in that case even if the workplace is slightly farther than expected for the prospective employee.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of having a shuttle service is tremendous. Statistically, it is proven that private vehicles contribute to 60% of carbon dioxide emissions while buses contribute to 20% of the emissions. Therefore, using shuttle services are more beneficial since they contribute less to pollution.

If you would like to offer affordable and reliable staff transport to your employees, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today for more information on how we can help you.