So, you’re all packed and ready to go! You have booked your flight and found the perfect accommodation for your business or family trip. But how are you getting from where you land to where you need to be? Also, take into consideration how are you getting from your home to the airport, for that matter? Pre-booking your airport transfer or private transfer solves those problems, and we’re here to explain why.


Tips from the team


  • ‘I like to hit the ground running when I’m travelling. Pre-booking lets me travel easily and stress-free, giving me more time to enjoy my holiday.’ Sometimes, it’s advisable to upgrade to a private car – you deserve to treat yourself when on holiday and that starts with having a touch of luxury from the beginning.

  • ‘When travelling with friends or in a group, it’s an absolute must to pre-book your transfer to and from your local airport to ensure you stay together as a group, especially when there are multiple families involved.’ Remove the hassles of splitting up the group, especially when you travel to a foreign country. This also means the group drives in convoy and arrives at the airport or hotel at the same time, so remove the stress of having to find public transport and rather enjoy a hassle-free experience.


  • Booking an airport transfer beforehand, especially when travelling to a foreign country, removes having to deal with foreign currency when arriving at your new destination. Besides, you are on holiday, why not make this as comfortable as possible for yourself. The experience all begins when you see your family name on the board with a friendly driver greeting you and takes your trolley/luggage away from you. It’s such a relief knowing that the driver is well trained and knows exactly what your destination is, so why not give yourself that peace of mind. Safety in a foreign country is an absolute must, so never put yourself in an unsecured environment. The language might also be a barrier in a foreign country, but when pre-booking you, rest assured you have a conversation from the airport to your destination and many a time these conversations sets the tone for your holidays.


  • Safety first, right! Be that a domestic trip or international one, travelling alone or with your family, pre-booking allows you to be informed of your driver’s name and the time he will pick you up. This allows you to better prepare yourself around travel times to and from airports. Travel anxiety is real and you want to remove the stress and burden of rushing to and from airports.


If you would like to pre-book a transfer with one of our shuttles, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out how we can help you.