When you are travelling alone to an event or conference, it is easy to arrive at your destination on time. You do not have anyone else’s schedule to worry about and can choose whichever transportation suits your needs. However, when you have to organise a group journey, whether it is for a corporate event or a conference, this can be a difficult task to undertake, unless you use an office-to-office shuttle service.

You should look into office-to-office shuttle services to ensure that everyone will arrive at the destination on time. Organising a group trip can become difficult, especially if people will be fetched from an airport and taken to a destination, and you might find that attendees become lost if travelling separately. 

Below are just some of the benefits of using an office-to-office shuttle for an event.


All About Organisation


One of the major stress points of putting together an event or a conference is the organisation of transport for the delegates. When the transport is taken care of, everything will run smoothly and there will be one less aspect to worry about. Your attendees will not need to worry about carpooling, renting cars, and finding directions. 

Using an office-to-office shuttle service will ensure that everyone invited is fetched from their pick up point and dropped off at the correct event destination. Being organised is vital to the success of any event, especially a corporate function. If your attendees and speakers can arrive safely and on time, your event will be a success. 


Comfortable And Private 


The vehicles that are used for office-to-office shuttle services are not only safe and licensed, but are often extremely comfortable and have luxury finishes. This means that anyone who is attending your event will arrive in style, making a positive first impression, especially on clients. An office-to-office shuttle is also private, making for a more relaxing and exclusive experience. 

This private mode of transport to and from events allows for collaboration on the way to an event, which can be helpful for speakers who might need to bounce ideas off of others or for attendees to bond along the way. A comfortable shuttle will make the attendees feel less stressed and more prepared for the event. 


Stress-Free Safety


One of the major concerns for anyone travelling to and from an event is the safety of the transport. If everyone had to use their own mode of transport to arrive at the event, some people might be using an unsafe vehicle or using unsafe modes of transport. Shuttle drivers are professionally trained and have years of experience behind them, making for a safer and more reliable journey. 

Another safety concern is that some attendees might not know where to go for the conference, causing them to become lost and potentially miss the event and arrive at an unsafe location. Shuttle drivers have in-depth knowledge of the areas they are driving around in, which ensures that all attendees will arrive and be picked up safely and on time. 


Match Your Requirements


One of the major benefits of using an office-to-office shuttle service for your event is that you can tailor the service to match your requirements. For example, you might require a luxury vehicle to be sued to fetch executive event attendees, so that you can make a good first impression. Or, you might need a larger vehicle to fetch a number of people from one location. 

You can also specify the amenities in the vehicles, such as a temperature-controlled vehicle, reclining seats in the airport taxi, and so forth. Having specific needs met will provide your event attendees with a positive experience and will make them more likely to attend another event that you invite them to. Be sure to ask if these requirements are additionally charged, as this will directly affect your budget. 


Simple Scheduling


Organising an event might sound difficult, but it can become even trickier if you are unable to arrange a schedule for your attendees. This is an impressive advantage of using an office-to-office shuttle; you will be able to ensure that everything runs according to your schedule because all attendees will be able to arrive on time. 

You should look for a company that offers an easy online booking service which allows you to choose the date, time, and location of the shuttle. This will help you to ensure that everyone who is travelling to and from your event will not need to worry about how they will arrive at the event on time. Your schedule will be kept and everything will go off without a hitch.

If you need an office-to-office shuttle service for your next event, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out what we can offer you.