When you are only responsible for yourself, it is easy to get to where you want to be. You can choose to drive yourself, hall a bus, take a train, ride your motorbike or any other means of transportation. However, planning transportation for a group can become a far trickier. If it is your responsibility to arrange a trip for a large group, you may have underlying stress because communication becomes more difficult. The best advice is to leave this planning to the professionals. Booking with a shuttle service company like Fair Cape will eliminate risky factors such as getting lost missing a meeting, etc. Traveling by a shuttle bus provides numerous benefits and peace of mind. Let’s take a look at how easy group travel can be.


A major benefit of having a shuttle service for corporate travel is organization. If the transportation is taken care of there will be no worry about carpooling, paying for expensive rentals, getting lost or other messy plans. Shuttle services are easy, convenient and run extremely smooth. You will get your group on, they climb off and everyone is happy.


Safety is the number one concern when it comes to group travel, but when booking a group shuttle service you eliminate the worry of safe travels. A charter bus driver are the best, so passengers can sit back, take in the sights and just relax. The advantage of a shuttle service is that you don’t have to worry about reckless drivers in unchartered territory or the panicking of carpooling with someone who is just reckless on the road. Shuttle bus services are superior to any transportation alternatives.


Arranging group travels can be a hassle as you are not only worrying about how they get to their destination but also do they get to their appointment on time. If you are the driver or the events coordinator organizing the travel plans, you have to worry about routes in another city you are unfamiliar with, delays, and other potential problems or confusion

Private Transportation

Arranging a shuttles service is very private. With a shuttle bus, you will only travel with your group and not with members from the public, especially when utilising public transport. Travel in style while catching up with your emails.


When booking a shuttle bus, you will receive the benefits of amenities such as a restroom, controlled temperature, comfortable seats and extended storage for your personals. Travel in comfort, especially if this is a long distance trip.

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