If safety, comfort and discretion is a priority for you when travelling, you may have considered the black car service offered by rideshare companies such as Uber. However, there is a vast difference between an executive chauffeur service and a faceless business entity that relies on independent contractors. The type of executive conveyance offered by a Faircape is quite a few degrees removed from a rideshare or taxi service.

When you arrange transport for an elderly family, need to transfer children from a boarding school to the airport, or routinely carry mission-critical information, the potential risks very often outweigh the cost savings of rideshare service. We offer a completely focused driving service that leaves you free to do your business, enjoy your wedding, relax after a meeting and protect your loved ones.

When you summon a black car service from a ride-hailing app, you never know who you are going to get. You can’t count on consistency for guests during a multi-day stay or multiple-stop trip. You are not going to be ferried by someone who represents the ethos and values of his employer. In contrast, our promise is the exclusion of insecurity and uncertainty.

Call us to provide executive transport services for your important international guests, weddings, special occasions, and driving your precious loved ones.