Due to legacy spatial planning, the majority of South African employees live far from their workplaces. This results in many employees having to deal with the queuing, delays, overcrowding, and unreliability of the South African public transport system, in addition to the anxiety of arriving at work late. It’s not just an employee’s punctuality that is affected by their public transport woes, navigating the disorganized public transport system also contributes to their stress levels and subsequent productivity.

Faircape works with employers to provide employee centered solutions that positively impact employee wellness and the morale in their workplaces. We took note of various studies over the years, indicating that long hours of commute are associated with increased anger and resentment at work, absenteeism, lateness and the ability to focus on tasks.

We can accept as a fait accompli that the heydays for functional public transport in South Africa have come and gone. Employers have a vital role to play in providing their coordinating prowess to arrange regular and scheduled staff transport that is safe and convenient. In this context, Faircape provides companies with a holistic solution that includes a convenient staff transport management system for trips and route scheduling, complemented by a fully staffed fleet.

It’s now beyond dispute that safe and reliable staff transport leads to increased productivity and staff retention. Give us a call to discuss a solution that will bring your employees to work on time, relaxed and well prepared for the day!