Climate change poses a significant threat to our way of life, even bigger than the impact COVID-19 19 pandemic has. As our planet warms, animals and plants go extinct; we experience more weather disasters, it becomes more difficult to produce food and water becomes scarce.

Statistically, there seems to be little that we can do as individuals since only 100 companies have been responsible for 71% of global emissions since 1988, according to the CDP Carbon Majors report. Even in the face of these limits, if we change the way we behave, we can influence large companies’ production processes that spew tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

When companies and employees use shared transport to commute to and from work, they contribute to decreased carbon emissions from individual cars. At Faircape Shuttles, we also recognize the potential of digital solutions that make transport options more attractive and accessible. We look forward to building on innovations such as our staff transport management software to unlock more efficiencies for our clients and reduce staff transport’s effect on the environment.

Our planet’s fate is in jeopardy, and political leaders and big businesses must indeed shoulder the bulk of accountability. As individuals and smaller companies, we can make an impact by choosing how we travel, what we eat and what we buy.