Investing in a reliable staff shuttle service is a viable solution for this transportation problem. Instead of your employees having to squeeze their way into a crowded bus or deal with a train schedule that is never on time, they can make use of a staff shuttle that will arrive on time, every time.

The happiness of your employees is tantamount to the success of your business. You could improve their working life by offering your staff unlimited coffee from a fancy coffee machine, a pool table to play at during lunch breaks…or something that could actually improve their lives. Many employees battle to find transport to and from work, which is an issue that all business owners should address. Below are just some of the benefits of offering a staff shuttle service.


Productivity Will Increase


One of the major benefits of offering your staff a shuttle service is that their productivity will increase. Employees may have a long commute using unreliable methods of transport.  They could become stressed, tired, and lack overall enthusiasm for their work. This will lead to lowered productivity levels and less work being done.

If your employees have access to a dedicated staff shuttle, they will not need to stress about finding a way to and from work. This will make them feel more relaxed in the mornings and will provide them with a positive start to the day. Their productivity levels will increase, and they will work with more enthusiasm and energy. With more time to prepare for the day, your employees will set themselves up for a more fruitful day.


Attract New Talent


If you are looking for new talent, standing out from your competition can work wonders for attracting new employees. A staff shuttle service will certainly set you aside from the competition as it will show possible new employees that your company truly cares about its staff.

You will be allowing new recruits to save money on transport costs as well as helping them to feel less stressed about coming in to work each day. Many job seekers are concerned about the distances they will need to travel to their new workplace. With a staff service shuttle, they will not need to worry about this. This will encourage them to remain loyal to your company and will also retain your current employees.


Proper Punctuality


We all understand that traffic can become difficult and very busy in the mornings and that sometimes life can make it tricky to arrive early at work. But, by offering a shuttle service to your staff, they can avoid these situations and arrive at the office on time almost every morning. This will make teamwork easier, decrease stress, and allow your office to become more productive.

Punctuality is important not only for arriving at work but for attending meetings too. You could invest in an office to office shuttle service alongside your staff shuttle option. This will allow your employees to arrive at any and all meetings on time, making a great first impression on clients and possible business connections. Being punctual can also help to relieve any stress your employees might feel about arriving late to work and meetings, making them happier in the office.


Cost-Effective For Everyone Involved


If your company allows for petrol expenses for employees who travel far distances to and from work or for meetings, then implementing a shuttle service can save you a significant amount of money. You will also be saving your employees from having to spend so much on transport, which will make them more satisfied with their role.

Your staff shuttle service will also save you money in the form of time, as your staff will arrive on time at work, meaning that they will not be wasting your time and money. Punctual employees are more productive, meaning that more projects will be completed on time and within the client’s budget. With happier employees who are able to save money, your business will become more successful.


Go Green


Another of the major benefits of offering a staff shuttle is that you will be going green and having a lower impact on the environment. Your employees will also be lowering their own carbon footprint, which can boost employee morale and encourage more positive behaviours. Being an environmentally conscious business will also reflect positively on your consumers.

Your employees are the backbone of your company, and you should work hard to keep them happy. If you would like to invest in a staff shuttle service for your employees, feel free to contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out about our options.  We have our very own web application which was designed and developed in order to improve the booking and management of trips for employees.  It can be easily managed by your HR department or designated personal just for bookings!