Employee satisfaction is vital to the overall success of your business, which is why it is essential to offer incentives and benefits to your staff. While you can offer them a raise or a company car, there are other benefits which could make your employees happy and satisfied in their jobs. Offering staff transport can help them to arrive on time and help them to have a more productive day overall. 

If you offer the option for staff transport you should consider your staff needs. Some of these considerations include the distances they live from the office, as well as how many people need this staff transport and if they reside in similar areas to make it easier to organise. Another benefit you could look into includes in-office lunches or meals so that those without their own transport are able to eat without having to walk to a store. 

Below we take a look at the top benefits you can offer your staff to ensure their satisfaction. 


Staff Transport


One of the best benefits you can offer to your employees is staff transport. Having staff transport will allow your employees to arrive at work on-time and within working hours. They will also be less stressed because they will not need to worry about missing work being stuck in traffic in unreliable public traffic. 

Your staff transport should be able to go to all of the areas where your staff live or need to be fetched from. If they live in more remote areas, ask the shuttle service if they are able to go there, or see if you can arrange a pickup and drop-off point that is easy for everyone to get to. Having staff transport will make for a more productive and happier team. 


In-Office Meals


For some of your employees, bringing lunch into the office is a normal, routine task. But for others, it may be difficult to pack their own lunches and bring them into the office. Another benefit you can offer your employees is the option of having in-office meals, or at least ingredients that can be used to make healthy, nutritious lunches. 

This might seem like an expense but it will end up saving your employees time and money. Offering the option to make lunch in the office rather than having to walk to a shop or drive out during lunch hour to purchase fast-food will make your employees happier and healthier. It shows that you care about their well-being and can be a fun bonding activity if you organise sandwich creation days or teach them how to fold wraps successfully. 


Flexible Work Schedule


In today’s day and age, being able to work from home is a benefit that many employees crave. This is especially true for those who may need to use staff transport; while it is highly beneficial to be able to arrive at work on time, being able to work remotely on a busy day or when they are feeling sick will help your employees to maintain their productivity and well-being. 

Having a flexible work schedule could also mean that employees can arrive earlier in the day and leave earlier in the day or that they could work from home for half the day depending on their obligations at home. Allowing flexibility shows your employees that you trust them and that you trust in their work. Allowing them to use staff transport to go home to continue working will also ensure their happiness in your company. 


Professional Development Plans


Your employees want to grow and learn more, so why not offer them the option to do so? You could invest in professional development plans such as webinars for your staff as well as classes they can attend for their departments. Helping them to grow and develop will also help your company to flourish and your productivity to improve. 

If you will be sending your employees ot classes or webinars, be sure to offer them staff transport so they can easily arrive at and leave from the classes. Your professional development plans could also be something as simple as allowing them to take on more projects and improve their skills. 

Offering your employees these benefits will help them to feel happier and more appreciated, leading to better productivity. Staff transport can lead to a less stressed office and to having more time to spend on building up your staff and their skills. If you would like to offer your employees this option, speak to Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out what we can offer you.