One place that is high on our list of insightful experiences for our tour transport service, is a visit to Robben Island. 

South Africans are all indelibly connected through the crime against humanity that was Apartheid. The majority of us experienced it first hand and are still suffering the consequences 

Some of us benefit from it by enjoying generational wealth or the social capital that comes with being culturally connected to those who are better off due to generations of privilege. 

So this is the place you want to visit to get a tangible connection to this country and what you learned about Apartheid. 

Robben Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is staffed by people who were actually imprisoned there. It can only be reached by ferry, all part of the package, which takes about 40 minutes. On the island, the experience is delivered in two parts. A bus trip through the whole island while learning about its history. This is followed by a visit to the prison itself ormer inmate will share their past experiences.

Robben Island is a waypoint that gives food for thought about how we relate with each other in this increasingly precarious and seemingly insecure world we live in. While the people of South Africa continue to live with the ongoing legacy of apartheid, the opportunities provided to former inmates and other employees of Robben Island allows them to reassert some control, a sort of ownership of the past. You, the visitor, may leave a little closer to understanding our violent history. This is the nascent foundation of a new future 

If you want to arrange a visit to Robben Island and other historical sites in Cape Town, give Fair Cape Shuttles a call so that we can work with you to arrange an itinerary