Work events can be the highlight of the month or year, especially if they allow your employees to spend time away from the office. However, getting to and from these events can be difficult for those employees who might not have their own transport. This could mean that some of your employees cant attend the event, which could be detrimental to office morale.

To solve this problem effectively, shuttle services can be used for events. Now, this might sound like an added cost, but you will find several shuttle services in Cape Town that offer affordable packages for corporate events. Not only will every employee be able to attend, but you will also ensure their safety when arriving and leaving.

Below are just some of the reasons why a shuttle service is ideal for any work event.

Better Organisation

If you are planning a work event, then you know how important it is to be organised. One major benefit of using a shuttle service is that it helps this process along significantly. All of the transport details can easily be organised by the transportation service itself, meaning that all you need to do is arrive at the pickup venues on time.

Your employees will also be able to be more organised on the day of the event, as they will not need to manoeuvre through traffic or leave early to arrive on time. This will make the event more enjoyable, and it will save you important planning time. Now you can rather spend time looking for the perfect entertainment instead of arranging carpools and directions.

Staff Safety

One of the major concerns of planning a group event is the safety of everyone who will be travelling there. By making use of a shuttle or transportation service, you can be sure that everyone who is attending leaves and arrives safely and securely. The drivers at these companies are highly trained and skilled drivers, so safety is always ensured.

Another element of safety is added in the vehicles themselves, as these vehicles are often fitted with tracking devices and monitoring software. This means that drivers are unable to drive over the speed limit or take a different route to the one on their GPS devices. Your employees can sit back and relax during the trip, and so can you!

Networking And Bonding Possibilities

Often when we travel to and from an event, we are alone in our cars or only with one or two other people. However, when we travel using a shuttle service, we can spend time with colleagues and other staff members who we might not have spoken to much previously (or at all). This provides the perfect opportunity for employees to network and bond with one another.

Any business owner or manager knows that their establishment will benefit from employees who have strong relationships and team spirit. By chartering a shuttle service to your next event, you are allowing your employees to bond and forge relationships in a more relaxed environment. It can also be part of the fun of travelling to an event.

Keep To The Schedule

Driving from the office to the event venue can wreak havoc with the schedule, especially if you need to monitor a large group of employees. However, choosing to shuttle your staff to the venue will make sure that everybody leaves and arrives exactly on time.

The drivers will attempt to stick to your schedule as much as possible, allowing your event to run smoothly and efficiently. If you have an event coming up, be sure to contact Fair Cape Shuttles for more information on how we can help make your event a success.