When you are planning a tour of a stunning location such as Cape Town, more often than not, you are focused on the fun part of this rather than the logistical side of the journey. However, an important aspect of any tourism adventure is choosing the best tour transport services for your needs. This can be difficult if you do not have any experience in planning a tour. 

When you are looking at tour transport services you should look at several important aspects. Starting by reading reviews online will provide you with an idea of what their customer service is like, and you will also need to look at what types of vehicles are available. If this is becoming a little too confusing, below we outline how to choose the best tour transport services for your next big adventure. 


Select Your Dates 


The very first step in choosing a tour transport service is to select the dates of your trip first. This will help you to see which tour transport companies are available for when you need them. If you are travelling during a peak tourism period, you will need to book your tour transport service early, in order to avoid disappointment. 

Once you have chosen the dates of your tour around the Mother City you will have a clearer idea of which tour transport companies are available. Many will have the option to use an online booking form to check their availability, so use this to your advantage. This will help you to see who is available and can help you to make a final decision on the tour transport service you eventually choose. 


How Many People Will Be With You?


Once you have decided on which dates you would like for your tour, you will need to consider how many people will be going with you to explore this exciting province. The number of people joining you can have a direct impact on the type and size of the vehicle you choose or are designated by the tour transport company. 

A larger tour transport vehicle might be necessary if you are travelling with a large number of people, while a smaller one is ideal for a group of four or fewer people. You might find it easier to book two vehicles if you have a very large group and a busy itinerary, as this will allow everyone to enjoy the experience without feeling cramped or rushed. 


Where Will You Be Going?


Many Cape Town tour companies offer tours that explore several areas of Cape Town, from the Peninsula to the Winelands. The availability of some tour transport services does depend on where you would like to tour, as some areas can become extremely busy during peak tourism season. 

You should do some online research about the different exciting locations in the area where you will be, as this will give you a clearer idea of what areas are covered by the tour transport services. Many transport companies will be able to take you to different areas but this will depend on how busy and how much traffic there is in the area. 


Think About Budget


While you might be excited about the concept of exploring a new place, you will need to consider your budget carefully. Your budget will ultimately be the deciding factor in which tour transport services you choose. For example, you might want to create a custom tour but do not have the budget for this, which will mean choosing from a generic tour package. 

Thinking about your budget is vital, as it will directly impact all of the activities you can take part in on your tour. You can request a quote from the tour transport services and provide them with a rough guideline of what you can afford. For example, you might only be able to afford a tour of the Winelands with a stop-off at three wine farms instead of five. 


Always Read Reviews


An important step in choosing the right tour transport services for your needs is to read online reviews from previous companies. If a company is highly responsive to both positive and negative reviews, it means that you will receive good customer service and will have your queries answered as quickly as possible. 

Choosing the right tour transport services for your needs can be difficult but with a few tips and tricks, you can make the process quick and simple. Start by choosing your dates and destinations, as well as how many people will be going with you and what your budget is. If you would like to book tour transport for your next trip, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out more.