When clients ask to visit your business and offices, it is important to make the best first impression possible. This first impression starts before your client even enters your office. Your email exchange needs to be pleasant and professional letting them know all the important details they will need when arriving at your office as well as who they will be meeting with.

You could look into executive shuttle services in Cape Town to help your clients arrive safely at your office location. Not only will they arrive on time for any meetings, but you will show them that you have taken their travel needs into account, especially if they will be travelling from afar. Below we explain other effective methods to impress clients who are visiting your business.


Invest In An Executive Shuttle Service


Driving to and from meetings, especially in heavy traffic, can make your clients stressed and frazzled, especially if their destinations are far apart. You can remedy this by investing in an executive shuttle service for convenience, allowing clients to leave their offices and arrive at yours on time and in style.

A shuttle service will also mean that your clients do not have to worry about parking when they arrive at your business premises. This allows them to save time and relax before entering the meeting. An executive shuttle service can also send the right message to your clients that you have taken their needs into account and understand that driving long distances can be stressful. It provides a more personal touch, which can make a lasting impression on both current and potential clients.


Offer An Airport Shuttle Service


If your client will be flying in from another province or location, a highly effective method for making a good first impression is to offer them the option to be collected from and dropped off at the airport, courtesy of your business. An airport shuttle service will ensure that your clients arrive safely at your office and are on time for any meetings, with some time to spare for sightseeing.

Airport shuttle services are inexpensive and will show your clients that you are thinking about them at every step of their customer journey with you. If your client is new to the area, it will be highly tricky for them to navigate easily from the airport to your offices. They could become lost or stuck in traffic which will delay your meeting and cause the atmosphere of the meeting to eb stressed and tense.


Create A Visually Appealing Space


Providing an executive shuttle service does put forward a message about your brand – that you take your business seriously and strive for the best. This should be continued through into your office decor. Having a cluttered and outdated office might be at odds with how you portray yourself to clients, so be sure to clean up and update the space before their arrival.

One effective method of having a visually appealing office space is to remove all of the clutter that might be making the space feel cramped, dark, and old-fashioned. You could decide to go paperless, removing the need for having bulky printers and copiers in the office, or you could use creative and unique storage that blends seamlessly into your overall office. Be sure that all the colours chosen for your office relate to your branding and are not too bright or garish.


Keep It Clean And Fresh


Having a beautiful office will not make too much of an impression if it is not clean and fresh when your clients arrive. A client will not be impressed by uniquely branded wall art if the floors are dirty and there is a strong, unpleasant aroma in the office.

This is especially true if they have arrived in a luxury executive shuttle and are expecting the same aesthetic and level of cleanliness. You should ensure that you clean your office at least twice a week, regardless of whether a client is visiting or not. The day before the client visits, be sure that everything is cleaned thoroughly, and the hour before, perform a once-over of all boardrooms and open spaces.


Personalise And Prep The Space


Having signage in your office can help to effectively put your brand message across. For example, you could have welcome signage in your brand colours and including your logo, so that your clients see this as soon as they arrive, feeling welcomed and inspired.

You could also create a personalised board using client names in your lobby fr when clients arrive, showing them that you are looking forward to meeting with them and are excited about their visit. Making a good impression starts before the clients have arrived at your office, which is why an executive or airport shuttle service is the way to go for your first steps. Contact Fair Cape Shuttles today for more information on our affordable services.