We all know that planning an event, whether it is a small corporate function or a fancy soiree, can be difficult. One of the major parts of a successful event is the transport, but this transport can become a hurdle if it is not planned correctly. Knowing where your event is taking place as well as the exact times will help you to plan out your event shuttles accordingly. 

When you are booking the event shuttles there are certain aspects to consider. You will need to know your guests, including how old they are and if they have any special needs, ensure that the transport is comfortable and easy-to-use, and you should always book more seats and event shuttles than you think you might need. Below we provide some top tips for transporting guests to and from events. 


Understand Your Guests


The first step in booking an event shuttle is to understand your guests. This includes knowing how old they are, if there are any mobility issues, and what type of luggage situation they will have. Your guests might also need an event shuttle that has connectivity for devices if it is a corporate event. 

You will also need to know how many guests will be attending so that you can book the right number of shuttles. It is always better to overbook, as some guests might have brought along a partner or friend, or an attendee that originally said they were not coming has changed their mind. Understanding the needs of your guests will make booking the transport much easier and more efficient. 


Make Use Of Shuttle Managers


Once you have chosen the right even shuttle for your guests needs, you should look into assigning a shuttle manager or shuttle captain to each vehicle. This is simply someone who will take attendance on the bus, get guests settled in for their journey, and explain what will be taking place at the event. 

The shuttle managers should also be able to communicate with one another in order to coordinate drop-off and pickup times. This will ensure that all guests arrive at the event on-time and without any hassles. Your shuttle managers can help to make the journey smooth and easy for guests, allowing them to enjoy the experience without feeling too stressed. 


Keep It Comfortable


An important part of using an event shuttle is to keep it comfortable and personalised. If you are not able to wrap the vehicle in your personal branding, you can offer bottled water with your branding on it or provide a customised soundtrack that reflects the atmosphere of the event. Be sure to look for shuttles with comfortable seating and plenty of legroom. 

Also, make sure that there is airconditioning in your event shuttle, as the South African heat can be somewhat unforgiving. Ask your guest what temperature they would prefer in the shuttle and, if there is no airconditioning, ensure that the windows can be opened to let in some fresh air. Keeping your attendees comfortable is vital to the success of any event. 


Pay Attention To Parking


This is important, especially if you will be hiring more than one event shuttle for your guests to use. You will need to make sure that there is enough parking at the venue for every shuttle so that nobody has to walk a far distance to and from the drop-off and pick-up point. You could even set up a check-in area in the parking lot to make sure everyone can check-in easily. 

If there is not enough parking in the parking lot of the venue, you can look for alternative arrangements that are within a walking distance to the venue. Many event venues will help you to organise alternative parking but this is not a given. You could also look into simply dropping off guests at the venue and moving on to parking in another area. 


Make It Part Of The Event


Event transport can often set the mood for the entire experience, so you should try to make it part of the event. This can be done by providing guests with WiFi, on-board snacks and drinks, and the ability to network on the trip. This is especially helpful for those corporate events where people need to make connections with others in their field. 

To create a positive experience for your guests, be sure to understand their needs, use shuttle managers to help ease the journey, make sure the shuttle is comfortable and that there is ample parking at the venue. If you are planning an event soon, speak to Fair Cape Shuttles to find out how we can help you.