If you want to make a good (no…great) first impression on corporate clients, there is nothing better than offering them a transfer service from the airport to your event or office. This will show them that you care about their safety and well-being, and that you have a little something extra to provide them over and above the conference or event. 

You should invest in airport transfers for your clients to make a good impression and to ensure that they arrive at your event, conference, or office on-time and safely. Eliminating the need for your clients to wait for a taxi or spend their own money on a ride-share journey will help to provide a positive experience and encourage them to return to your events or conferences.

Below we look at just some of the reasons why you should offer airport transfers to your clients. 


Make A Statement


Corporate clients often expect the finer things in life,so meeting them at the airport with a luxury airport transfer vehicle is sure to make a statement and to provide the best first impression possible. You will also put forward a professional image, showing them that you have taken their needs into account. If you choose luxury vehicles for the airport transfer service then you will be upping the ante and showcasing your business’s style and image. 


No Standing In Line


Clients who are attending meetings and conferences will likely not be happy with standing in a line, waiting for a bus or taxi to stop for them. If this is the case, the event will not be as enjoyable for them and you might find that they are less likely to attend the next one. Hiring an airport transfer service will ensure that nobody is left waiting in a long line for a lift to arrive. Your clients will not be tired and will be able to enjoy their event or meeting. 


Completely Customisable


Another major benefit of offering airport transfers to your clients is that these are customisable services. You are able to choose the type of vehicle that fetches your clients, as well as the amenities that come along with it. For example, your clients might need access to WiFi on the trip from the airport to your office, or some might need to have mobile device charger in case their devices are flat. These little added amenities will also make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. 


Affordable Transport Method


When you chose a ride-sharing app or if you need to use a taxi, you will often spend a large amount of money to arrive at your destination. If your clients need to spend this amount of money to attend your conference, they might not be encouraged to attend further events. Airport transfers are highly affordable, meaning that your clients can save their money and spend it on merchandise from the conference or more services from your business. 


Safety First


A major benefit of offering airport transfers to your clients is that they will be safe and secure on their way to and from your event or offices. This is especially true of those clients that might not be familiar with your province or country. Feeling safe will make them relax and will encourage them to enjoy your event or meeting even more. Airport transfer services have drivers who have passed numerous driving and security tests, so the safety of your clients is always guaranteed.


Arrive In Style


Your clients will be able to arrive in style at your event or conference, which will make it more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone involved. Choosing a luxury airport transfer vehicle will also make the journey more comfortable and relaxing, which could lead to better business interactions for both you and your clients. 

An airport transfer allows for completely customisable options for the vehicle so that every need of your clients is met, there is no need for them to stand in line, and it is highly affordable. If you would like to impress your clients, speak to Fair Cape Shuttles today for more information on how we can help you.