Any business owner or company director wants to make a positive impression on their clients, but this can be hard to achieve if you are not sure where to start. One area that can be improved on and changed for the better is transporting clients from their offices to yours for meetings, which is where an executive shuttle service comes in. 

You should consider using an executive shuttle service to transport your clients to your office for meetings or conferences. Not only will you be ensuring that they arrive on time, but you will also be showing them that you consider their needs and value their time. Below we look at just some of the benefits of using an executive shuttle service for your clients. 


Pick Premium Vehicles


One of the major advantages of offering an executive shuttle service to your clients is that you can choose from a range of premium, luxury vehicles. These vehicles will all have modern features such as air conditioning, adjustable seats, WiFi and USB charging ports. These additional features are ideal if your clients are located far away from your offices, as they can charge their laptops for the meeting and even answer emails on the way. 


Reliable And Safe


Corporate clients look for reliability in their business partners, which extends to the services being offered. This will include the transport you provide, and an executive shuttle service can help you to impress your clients. These vehicles are safe and reliable, allowing your clients to feel more at ease on the way to your meeting, event, or conference. All vehicles have passed the required security tests, and the drivers have been trained professionally to drive the vehicles. 


Convenience At Its Best


While some clients might not mind driving to your office in their own vehicle, there are times when the traffic is unpredictable, the parking spaces in your office block are filled, or the client’s car might be out of commission. By choosing an executive shuttle service, you are providing clients with a convenient method of reaching their destination. This convenience helps them to arrive at the destination on time and without stress, leading to positive interactions during all meetings and events. 


Affordable For All Parties


Offering an executive shuttle service will help your clients to save money on their own petrol costs, and will also save you from having to drive out to their location to fetch them for a meeting. You will be able to concentrate on improving the presentation or project you will be speaking about and they can focus on any points they need to address, allowing for a more streamlined meeting. The money you save on not having to drive around can be spent on offering amenities to your clients. 


Arrive In Style


Whether your clients are corporate or not, everyone enjoys arriving at a meeting in style, and you can provide this by choosing an executive shuttle service. The vehicles are luxury models with sleek interiors, which will make anyone feel as though they are the centre of attention, which will also improve the business relationship. Feeling relaxed and comfortable before a meeting or presentation can also help your clients to be more conducive to your suggestions. 


Always On Time


Arriving late for a business meeting or lunch can make anyone feel stressed, but with an executive shuttle service, you will arrive on time and be able to focus on the meeting. And, arriving on time or even earlier than the stipulated time will make a good impression on your clients. It shows that you take their time and their business seriously, helping to cement the relationship and improve your business dealings. 


Super Shuttle Services


Offering an executive shuttle service to clients or using one to attend meetings at their offices comes with many benefits. You can choose from premium luxury vehicles, enjoy a safe and reliable journey to and from the destination, and you or your clients will arrive in style. Show them that extra touch of style with a luxury vehicle. 

If you would like to offer the services of an executive shuttle to your staff or clients, speak to Fair Cape Shuttles today for more information.