As a business owner or manager, you likely have a lot on your plate to deal with, from managing administrative duties to dealing with staff issues. One aspect you also likely have to deal with is choosing shuttle solutions either for your staff or for your clients. If you are not sure exactly what you need, however, choosing the right shuttle solutions could be tricky. 

When you are looking at shuttle solutions there are several aspects you need to consider. You will need to consider the distance your staff or clients will be travelling, the speed of the shuttle solutions based on distance to and from the office, as well as the cost of providing regular shuttle services. Not sure where to start? Below we take a look at how you can choose the best shuttle solutions for your business. 


Begin With The Budget


The first step in making any business decisions is to start with your budget. Shuttle solutions are usually affordable, but this does depend on how often you will be using them, how many people will need to be transported, and the distance of the journeys. If you are transporting staff on a daily basis, then you will need to include this in your monthly budget. Shuttle solutions for events are usually once-off options and you will need to add this into the event planning budget. 


All About Accessibility


An important consideration for shuttle solutions is to look at the level of accessibility the shuttles offer. You might have staff who need railings to hold on to to help them stand or clients who need wheelchair access shuttle solutions. A shuttle that is not accessible for everyone may mean that some of your staff cannot easily arrive at work every day, or that some clients may have to make alternative provisions which may cost more, leading to a negative customer experience. 


Find Out About Flexibility


The shuttle solutions that you consider for your business should have elements of flexibility, especially if changes need to be made to your staff or client’s schedules. You can ask the service provider how easy it will be to change a schedule and whether or not this can be updated on the day or if they need a certain period of notice. With regard to clients using shuttle solutions, they might need to provide an itinerary so that any changes can be made in advance. 


Remember Reliability


While the shuttle solutions you choose should provide flexibility, they should also be reliable. This is vital if you are investing in staff transport, as your employees will be relying on the shuttle to arrive at and leave work on a daily basis. Clients will also need a reliable method of getting to your office or event if they have not made alternative arrangements, so be sure to confirm with the service provider that the transport will definitely arrive on time and at the right address. Look for online reviews for different shuttle solutions to find out which one is more reliable. 


How Often Will You Need It?


Thinking about how often you will need a shuttle solution for your business ties directly to your budget. For example, if you only need a shuttle service for your staff three times a week, your budget and costs will be significantly lower than if you use the service every day. 

For clients, you might only need shuttle solutions once or twice a month, but be sure to remember that there might be unscheduled meetings, so take this into account when speaking to your shuttle service providers. If you would like to use a shuttle solution for your business that is safe and reliable, speak to Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out about our options.