Running and owning your own small business can become a difficult task. You might become overwhelmed with everything on your plate if you do not run your business efficiently, which can be highly detrimental to the running of your business. However, there are some steps you can put into place to make your business more efficient, such as providing staff transport to ensure everyone arrives at work on time, or explore digital integration for some of your most time-consuming tasks. 

You should invest in staff transport to help improve your efficiency and to ensure everything runs smoothly and on-time. You can also look at using digital tools such as time-tracking software or automation tools, and you can try  to delegate tasks to those who have more capability for them. Below we provide some insightful tips on how to make a small business more efficient. 


Start With Staff Transport


One highly effective method of improving your efficiency is to offer your employees staff transport. With staff transport in place, everyone will be able to arrive at the office on time for work, without having to rush around in order to get tasks done. 

Not only will you be saving time in the mornings with everyone arriving on time, but you will be ensuring that all work is completed on time. Staff transport will also help employees to arrive at meetings with clients on time, as well as conferences and events. This will help to improve your professional reputation and ensure client satisfaction.


All About Automation


Small businesses can often become too focused on small tasks that are performed manually, but you can remedy this by looking into automating some tasks. If you have steps in your business that can be done automatically, look into digital tools which can help. 

For example, if you offer staff transport and need to ensure that everyone arrives on time, you can implement tracking software that sends you this data rather than sending a message to everyone to ask if their transport arrived. You can also use automation tools for emails and answering client questions until they need to interact with sales staff, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. 


Streamline Communication


Communication is one area where many small and large businesses feel the most strain, but you can improve this by using tools. Look at using a centralised email system for both internal and external communications, or use an app such as Microsoft Teams for a smooth and easy method of  communicating. 

While your employees are travelling in the staff transport, you could use a WhatsApp work group to ensure everyone is updated to any important notifications from the office. This can help you to save time on morning meetings and sending out individual messages. Be sure to choose, at minimum, two communication platforms to avoid confusion for your employees. 


Think About Trackability


Not only can you track staff transport to ensure safety and reliability, you should also look into tracking time on certain projects to ensure that they are being done to the best possible standards. Tracking time will also help you to see where more or less time can be spent in your business, helping to improve operations. 

You should try not to focus on tracking every minute of every day, but rather use this software on important things, such as monitoring the safety and reliability of staff transport and seeing how long is spent on big projects so you can improve this. This will help you to make changes to the production line, and to your business efficiency. 


Embrace Efficiency


Having an efficient small business can be achieved if you have some simple steps in place. Start by offering staff transport to ensure everyone is in the office on time, invest in automated processes for your staff and business, look for communication tools that allow everyone to remain up-to-date and try out a tracking tool for time spent on projects. 

If you want to get a head start on building your business’s efficiency with staff transport, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out what we can offer you.