Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recent lockdown, many people were working from home or simply waiting for their offices to open. Now with the restrictions being lifted, many more offices are able to return to work.  It is important to offer support to your staff, such as the option for staff transport for those who might not have their own transport.

Other than offering efficient staff transport you should look into elements such as sending out in-depth return-to-work memos, allowing people to arrive later or earlier based on their home situation, and remember to implement strict testing and hygiene rules in your office. Below we give some ideas on how to help your staff return to work.

Offer Staff Transport

While many of your employees will have their own vehicles or lift clubes, there might be some who do not, and this is where staff transport can come in handy. You will be able to offer your staff a solution to the problem of arriving safely at work each day and returning home without the need to use public transport. All staff transport companies are adhering to the strict rules of the lockdown, which means the safety and hygiene of your employees is guaranteed.

Review Their New Roles

In many cases, the roles your employees once held have changed drastically thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once your employees are back in the office, you will need to hold one-on-one meetings with each person to discuss what their roles entail, and if they are the same as before. This will help your employees to feel more in control of their return to work and be more capable of performing their duties.

Adopt Email Communication

As well as using safety measures on staff transport, you should continue this in the office by adopting email as the main form of communication. This will allow you to avoid crowded meeting rooms while still being able to meet with your staff. In the office, it might be unavoidable to have meetings in person, but you should strive to maintain all communication happens via email. You can set up a chain of command for emails so the right people receive the right messages, to streamline the return to work.

Make Workplace Adjustments

While your staff will need to adjust to the rules of their staff transport and take more precautionary measures, they will also need to adjust to a differently laid-out office space. This means that you will need to place desks at least two metres apart from one another, ensure that there is hand sanitiser at every desk for every employee, and that there is room enough in the office for staff to move around without coming into contact with one another. With all of these measurements in place, you will be able to return to work efficiently and effectively.

Schedule Lunch Times

Your employees need to eat lunch during the day, but it is best to schedule in these times so that there are minimal people in common areas, in order to limit the chance of any infections. For example, if some people arrive earlier in the mornings due to the efficiency of your staff transport, you can schedule their lunch breaks to be at 10:30am, and the next lunch breaks to be at 11:30am and so forth. Be sure to leave enough time between the groups so the rooms can be cleaned thoroughly.

Back To The Grind

Returning to work does not have to be difficult if you follow some simple tips and tricks. Start by offering safe and efficient staff transport and adjusting the workplace. Remember to embrace email communication and speak to employees about how their roles might change thanks to the current situation.


If you would like to offer affordable and reliable staff transport to your employees, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today for more information on how we can help you.