If you have an important client coming to visit your offices, or if you need to transport your employees to a client, then it is best to use executive transport. Executive transport is specifically tailored to corporate clients and offers luxurious, comfortable settings for anyone who needs to take a journey in one of the vehicles.

When you are looking at executive transport there are certain aspects to consider. You should look at whether the company offers comfortable extras in the vehicle, such as adjustable heating and cooling, and be sure to consider whether the executive transport company is flexible in their packages. Below we give some top tips on what to look for in executive transport.

Pick Professionalism And Reliability

Because executive transport is usually used by corporate clients, you will need to look for companies that are professional and reliable. You can look for online reviews from consumers and be sure to check the social media pages of the executive transport companies. The professionalism will show in how the drivers deal with your clients or staff. Look at both positive and negative reviews to see how the company deals with these, as this will give you an idea of how they deal with consumers.

Focus On Flexibility

Another important aspect of executive transport you need to look at is how flexible the transport company is. There might be minor changes to the schedule of your client or your staff, depending on what meetings are being held and where, or a flight might be delayed or cancelled. An executive transport service will need to be flexible and allow for changes to schedule. If there are difficulties with this, you might find your clients becoming unhappy.

Look At Vehicle Options

Executive transport is geared towards luxury clients, so be sure to look at all of the vehicle offerings from the shuttle company. For example, they might offer a Mercedes S Class for their executive transport or even a BMW 3 Series, both of which allow passengers access to high-class facilities. For a group trip for corporate clients, there should be SUVs that are both comfortable and luxurious. There should be a few options available for you to choose from.

All About Efficiency

Executive transport is usually used by those in the corporate world, which means the transport company needs to be efficient and effective at their jobs. This means that the drivers must be on-time or even earlier than specified, and they should be able to change according to your schedule. Another aspect of efficiency to look for in an executive transport provider is how you book a vehicle. Many transport companies offer online bookings, but some might have a more complicated process than others, making it difficult to easily book executive transport when you need it.

Ask About Service Options

If you are hiring executive transport, then the chances are that you are interested in more than one service for your clients or employees. You might need an airport transfer as well as a trip to and from a conference, or you might need a large group of people transported to two different meetings in one day. If the transport company offers all of these services and more, then they are the right choice for your needs.

Offer Ultimate Luxury

Offering you clients the option of executive transport allows you to give them a luxurious option and this can help to cement your relationship with them. Remember to look for professionalism and reliability, opt for a more flexible company, and ask about what vehicle options are available to you.


If you would like to wow your clients with comfortable and luxurious executive transport services, contact Fair Cape Shuttles today to find out how we can help you.